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by Phil Anonimouse

The Amber Heard v Johnny Depp legal dispute is Important

5 min read

This case is important for a few reasons, but not the ones you might expect.

I despise our cultures elevation of celebrities and the infamous, as a culture we put too much emphasis on their actions and behaviors, we encourage our children to idolise them, and we provide them privilege we would otherwise not reserve for anyone else.

An yet I am placing this legal battle in the realm of important. I am doing this because I believe that this case, with the attention that is being devoted to it, will highlight a lot of problems that our society ignores.

Problems like defamation, like the court of public opinion, like the "Me Too Movement", and the abuse of Men by Women and society.

Accusations are not facts

Since Amber wrote her article claiming Johnny had abused her, he has no longer been able to work and he has been required to live with a brand that will haunt him for a long time to come. He will be looked down upon by a mass of people, the police will immediately suspect that he has perpetrated a crime by being in mere proximity, and he will be shunned almost everywhere he goes.

And yet, he has not been proven guilty ...

Just because I claim that you used a bad word, does that make it true?

Just because I claim that you stole from me, does that make it true?

Just because I claim that you beat me, does that make it true?

For some reason I cannot fathom, our society believes accusations over facts. If the facts say that Johnny beat Amber, then he should be punished. If they say that Amber beat Johnny then she should receive the exact punishment that he would. I do not condone violence, I despise it. So no matter what the accusation, the evidence must be heard before a decision can be made, and this goes for our society as a whole.

Feelings over Facts

I believe that a significant portion of this behavior to come to conclusions before evidence can be traced to two things, human nature in general, and modern feminism.

I believe that in order for our society to grow to a state of equality and prosperity for all that we need to be able to overcome some of our innate human tendencies, whilst at the same time not loosing our humanity. This is a steep ask but I think this case is a demonstration of the human tendencies we need to learn to control within ourselves.

Women (read Feminism/Wokeism) think that Men in the world have all the privilege, rights, and "powers". Well I encourage you feminists to take a page out of your own book and "check your privilege". Here are some examples:

  • You say that you are afraid to walk alone at night.
  • I am afraid everyday of a mere accusation that will ruin my life.

  • You say that you can't go anywhere without some creep stairing at you.
  • I am afraid of living in an appartment building near a school and being labeled a child sex offender.

  • You say that men have all the "power" in relationships.
  • I don't want to get married because if we separate, you take my children, half of my savings, half of my superannuation, and half of my house.

  • You say that you wish your child had a father figgure.
  • I have to fight in court for years to be allowed to see that child once a month.

  • You say that I abused you.
  • The brusies on me from you cannot be seen.

Who is lying?

The unfortunate reality of this case is that someone, somewhere, is lying. Both parties may be lying, we just don't know. Amber claims she was attacked multiple times. Johnny denies. Both have evidence to the contrary.

This is why we cannot just believe one person over another, like the sayings go:

There are two sides to a coin.
There are always two sides to an argument.

Just because an accusation is made does not make it true.

The implications of an accusation.

What startles me about this is that even though no one has been convicted or acquitted, Johnny can no longer work, and Amber has the power of Feminism at her bequest. His right to work, move, and speak is no longer available to him, because he is "a wife beater". The court of public opinion has no place to exist, to ruin a persons life. And yet we have let this court do such things to a man that may yet be proven innocent.

Further, assuming Johnny is proven to be innocent in this case, will he ever be allowed to work again? I find this doubtful. In cases like his, and many others too, Cancel Culture reigns supreme. This "culture" relies upon the instantaneous reactions of the few to spur the masses, facts be damned, and that is what is hurting our society.


I myself am a victim of abuse and similar circumstance to what surround Johnny in this case. That is probably why it hits home with me.

And yet, at no point in this rant am I ever saying that I believe one side or the other. I feel for Johnny, and if the accusations are true then I hope he achieves the justice commensurate with the crime against him, unlike my abusers who have walked away cleanly with no repercussions. My only hope is that they are no longer abusing anyone else.

But again I need to see and hear the evidence of the case before making a judgement. And so should you.

Abuse in any form is despicable. We should educate our children to recognise abuse, to despise it, to discourage it, and to avoid it. And in cases like this where it does happen, we need to let the courts decide the outcome, not public opinion.


After all of this is said and done, nothing will be accomplished if we as a society continue to divide ourselves over these matters. If Men cannot understand a Woman's perspective and experience, then the reverse is also true. We, as a society should learn from the proceedings in this legal case, use it, not the people in it, as a tool to understand the wide implications of abuse, lies, deformation, and physical actions. Use this case as a learning point to educate our children that abuse to anyone is wrong, that everyone faces challenges in their lives, and that we need to work together to solve our problems.

Abuse, in any form is wrong, no matter the reason.

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