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Phil Anonimouse


Phil Anonimouse

The most Anonymous of Mouse's on the Internet. Phil writes Exclusively for and is a master of the rant. Don't get him started, he'll never stop.

Political discourse is fundamental to the operation of nations. But all too often, in recent times, has that discourse turned into anger, and hatred. The Left despises the Right and vice versa. The only common denominator that I can reduce this issue down to is language.

With the federal election in Australia right around the corner (i.e. sometime this year, also known as whenever the current government could be arsed) I think there is merit in a timely reminder on how our voting system works in this country. Why do I think you all need

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What's this? Is it Rant 30 already? Not quite, we're still getting things started. Rant 30 is a brand new site by Phil Anonimouse that is just beginning. Things will be up and running here shortly, but hopefully not too shortly. In the meantime, why don't you subscribe if you'd