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Terms and Conditions

At Rant 30 we like simple, we also like knowing that we haven't promised our only remaining kidney and first born to some corporate overlord, which is why our Policy's and Terms are written in plain English instead of what ever language it is that Lawyers use.

That being said, if we get abused because of our kindness ... we'll just have to let loose the Law Dogs. You've been warned ...

1/ Support Us Subscriptions

Firstly, Thanks for supporting us. You're a legend!

Secondly, if you agree to a Support Us subscription then you are agreeing to provide us with at least 1 payment at the monthly or yearly rate you have selected.

2/ Refunds

We do not offer refunds on our websites subscriptions. You may however cancel your subscription at any time. Please see Cancellations below.

3/ Cancellations

If you choose to cancel a subscription, first of all we are sorry to see you go, and we hope that you can come back some other time, second you will still have access to our website and content until your subscription runs out. Once your subscription is complete you will not be charged the renewal fee and you will not have access to the premium content that you did with the subscription.

4/ Posts and Content

The posts and content presented on are the express opinions of the supreme author that has written it. You are entitled to your opinion and we are entitled to ours. It's that simple.

5/ Comments

Any comments made on an article by community members are the opinions of that community member and we take no responsibility for their statements.

We do however reserve the right to remove comments that do not align with general human decency and good morals. What we mean by that is, if a community member calls for or attempts to organise violent or other crimes toward an individual or group on this website they will be removed.

We respect open civil discourse, short of the above, we encourage considered, and respectful discussion on the topics presented on our website.