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by Phil Anonimouse

Modern Feminism is a Plague on Society. Bring Back Equality!

9 min read

Power ... a mystical substance that is the driving force behind Modern Feminism. No longer is feminism about fighting for the equality of women, it is fighting for the superiority of women.

Real Feminism is Still needed.

Feminism has come from humble and just beginnings. There was a time when I agree that feminism was needed. That time has long passed in most of the western world. Feminism has evolved, or more aptly, been twisted, into what some refer to as Third Wave or Modern Feminism. This new form of feminism is nothing but a shouty, undignified, squabble designed to silence and ridicule anyone that seeks true equality and denies the superiority of Feminists.

Feminism, not Modern Feminism, real Feminism, or even better yet, Equalism, is still needed in some parts of the world. Middle Eastern country's, African country's, these places and others have a genuine need for equalism. But how many western feminists do you hear addressing the rape issues in Africa? I haven't heard one addressing this in the main stream. The issue in that country is so prevalent that it has sparked the need for someone to develop an "Anti-Rape Condom". But no feminist group has dared to fund, promote, or discuss this, why?

RapeX, the South African Anti-Rape Condom
A prototype anti-rape device was fashioned as a female condom with teeth lining the inside.

Because discussing and taking action on women's issues in these country's do not suit the modern feminist agenda of gaining and holding onto unlimited power. Until it does. In an interview you will see later, a Feminist leader purports to be concerned about the reproductive rights of women in Brazil. I doubt very much that she is actually concerned, she only brings this to the interviewers attention because it suits her own agenda and she immediately ties it back to her current situation and debates, she is using those less off than her to her own advantage, but never in main stream media.

Please indulge me while I elaborate on this point some more.

Illusions of the Feminist Dictators.

If Modern Feminism really is about equality for all women then why are they not taking their fight to these country's that really need them? I can tell you, because it won't benefit them. They want their offices, their high pays, their nails done, and their benefits. They don't want to give that up to help real women in real need. They want what ever "Power" is and they are not afraid to use others to get it.

One of the levers I have heard and read multiple feminists pull during discussions in recent times, and going back to the rape statement made before, is that there is a "Rape Culture" in our society, that men need to be held to account for the rape that they commit. There is a lot to dig out of these statements and not a lot of time so I'm just going to straight for the jugular on this one. Rape culture is a lie, a myth, a fallacy. Why? I am a man. If "Rape Culture" existed my parents would have done things like encouraging me to have sex with women whenever I wanted. Did they? Fuck no! My parents taught me to respect people, treat others like I want to be treated, be kind, be just, be fair. My Parents never encouraged anything that could have even had the slightest possibility of being twisted into "Rape Culture". And not just my parents, my friends parents too. If this existed then at school, at work, in social circles men would be encouraging each other to perform sexual acts on women with or without consent, I would of learnt about it in school and how it "isn't that bad". News flash, none of that happened or happens. If it was a "Culture", it would prevalent, it would be rampant, it is not. If it is a culture then why do most men despise and discourage such behaviour? The answer is their is no "Rape Culture". So why do Feminists pull on this lever? To put their "oppressors" back into their box, silence them, and take the "Power" that those "oppressors" have. It's that simple. Instead of getting real solutions to real issues we get shit like this shoved down our throats:

Instead of Modern Feminism addressing real issues that plague women, we get even more shit like this:

I could do an absolute deep dive into both of these videos, unfortunately I'm a little late to that party and there are plenty of other video's and articles out there. So maybe I'll do a rant about these, and others, some other day.

I do however want to address one point from the "Project" video that I am sick and tired of hearing. Women are not the only ones that need to look out for themselves. I've accidentally wandered into sketchy area's, been walking alone at night to my car in dimly lit area's, and such other situations that get described by feminist all the time. And I have, in these situations, been on my guard, aware, and yes I admit, a little cautious and afraid. I held my keys in between my knuckles just in case, I made the dash, I did all the things that the police recommended in that video and that I have heard female friends of mine tell me they have "had to do". That isn't a women's issue, its human nature, its a societal issue. Stop talking about this from your victim hood complex perspective and maybe you might get some traction.

Real issues are no where to be seen.

I mentioned my opinion on Modern Feminism to a friend of mine, her reply was that feminism is still sorely needed in the western world. As we spoke and discussed this topic she highlighted to me that there are, in fact, some gender disparities that are occurring in our own back yard in what would, socially, be considered minority groups in this country. Within these groups there are still issues affecting women in this so called modern culture, that I have not heard in any main stream source. I am speaking rather vaguely here, to protect the anonymity of myself and my friend, but rest assured, I was shocked to hear that a lot of what feminism fought for in the 70's, and the privileges that women have in our society as a whole today, the privileges I see women enjoying every day, are still being denied to some women of certain cultural backgrounds. Not by our society at large, but by these microcosms that exist in certain area's. This is illegal in this country, for good reason, and yet it exists.

So again, why have we not heard of this in the main stream media? Because it does not advance the pursuit of "Power" and wealth for Modern Feminist leaders.

The Narrative is Questioned, And the Narrative Falls Apart.

Instead of trying to help the women being denied modern freedoms as I mentioned above, we are told things like, "Women get paid 75 cents for every 1 dollar a Man gets paid".

I again want to put this one six feet under while the topic is raised. Women do not get paid less than men for the same work in this country, because it is Illegal to do so.

From the Sex Discrimination Act 1984:

Sex Discrimination Act 1984
Part II—Prohibition of discrimination
Division 1—Discrimination in work
14  Discrimination in employment or in superannuation

(1)  It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person on the ground of the person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, breastfeeding or family responsibilities:
(a)  in the arrangements made for the purpose of determining who should be offered employment;
(b)  in determining who should be offered employment; or
(c)  in the terms or conditions on which employment is offered.

(2)  It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the ground of the employee’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, breastfeeding or family responsibilities:
(a)  in the terms or conditions of employment that the employer affords the employee;
(b)  by denying the employee access, or limiting the employee’s access, to opportunities for promotion, transfer or training, or to any other benefits associated with employment;
(c)  by dismissing the employee; or
(d)  by subjecting the employee to any other detriment.

If women were being paid less than men for the Same Work then why are there not countless lawsuits, civil actions, and riots in the streets? And don't tell me that it can't be proven, damn straight it can. Tax Records, Payroll records, Bank Records, they can all be forcibly brought to court if required. Take a further look at the statistics when they are questioned, seriously, watch these people struggle to answer simple questions, relevant questions, that if answered truthfully, would bring their world crashing down:

Modern Feminism pushes these narratives, like the above, in front of you in order to gain what ever form of power they perceive to be relevant at the time. They are less focused on the real issues that still remain in the world and in this country, and more focused on their own greed.

From the Horses Mouth

In the documentary "The Red Pill" by Cassie Jaye, there is a beautiful example of the domination that Modern Feminism has on the western world. The interview with Katherine Spillar talks a lot about control, another word for power. Her interview is conducted in her fancy office, with her paid receptionist, surrounded by what I can only assume is an expensive operation. She uses a lot of emotive and generalised language in order to portray what is perceived as an imbalance of power where men hold all the cards. Women are the universal victims, and men are the universal perpetrators according her and the doctrine with which she subscribes. She also uses the word "maybe" a lot, she sites situations and ideals that men "Might" have, without providing proof, and knowing that no one will question her because she is a feminist. She then admits, in her own weird way, that women have an advantage but then backpedals quicker than you could believe in order to maintain the narrative, and returns to the idea of power and control. Notice that she sights no sources and no data during her whole argument. Red Pill, The : Cassie Jaye, Paul Elam, Dr. Warren Farrell, Harry Crouch, Fred Hayward, Erin Pizzey, Karen Straughan, Marc Angelucci Esq., Dr. Michael Kimmel, Katherine Spillar, Michael Messner, Cassie Jaye: Movies & TV
Buy Red Pill, The: Read Movies & TV Reviews -

Are Modern Feminists loosing the fight for Power?

Ultimately no, and then ironically in some area's, feminism is loosing the fight for power and superiority. How? Well it all comes down the scale of oppression. Are you more oppressed than some other faction? Guess what, you win. The prize? You now get to oppress others! How wonderful! And that is where feminism is loosing their fight, not to men, not to "patriarchy", but to those who claim to be more oppressed. Social issues have now become a race in the oppression Olympics. Yes I am talking about "trans" people in sports, specifically "trans" men in women's sports. Because these people claim to be more oppressed, more displaced, they claim that they have the right to take away that which is rightfully belongs to someone else. But this is a rant for another time.

The Rant Draws to a Close.

Once all of this is said and done, I encourage you to do your own research. Not on the book of faces, or any other social media. Read the facts, read peer reviewed studies, read the law, compare and scrutinise everything. Feminists are at war and the goal is power. Sure, they have genuine concerns sometimes, but so too do men and other portions of society. We can not raise up one faction over another just to make them feel better, or else we will be doing the same thing to others as has been done to them in the past.

Fight for equality, not femininity, or masculinity.

To end this rant, I want to leave you with part 1 of an unedited interview from the documentary mentioned before, The Red Pill, and a quote that I think we should all consider.

I call myself an equalist, I don't call myself a Masculist ... to me that's just making the same mistake. - Fred Hayward

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